Current and Recent Projects:

Beverly Park Estate Client (2013-present):
Provided comprehensive landscape evaluation and guidance for an estate with multiple landscape challenges including insects and disease, uneven watering, plant mortality and poor performance. Currently working with client to reduce water use and improve overall soil and plant health on-site.

Thornton Gardens, San Marino (2013-present):
Arborist services to provide horticultural opinion, plan review, tree risk assessment, tree preservation, construction monitoring and other services as requested for 13-acre garden in San Marino in development for future addition to the Huntington Gardens.

Hidden Valley Road Residence, Monrovia, California (2013-present):
Provided tree survey, health analysis and construction impacts for 24 protected native trees on an undeveloped site in Monrovia. Coordinated with project engineer and geologist on site with difficult soils constraints to find construction methods to minimize tree impacts. Worked with biologist and landscape architect to guide fuel modification and landscape plans to meet City standards. Plans are in the review process.

Zhong Residence, San Marino, California (2013-present):
Work with residential development project in San Marino with approximately 70 protected trees on an undeveloped site to survey for health, structure and construction impacts to obtain permit approval from the City of San Marino. Permit approved March of 2015. Project is currently in construction. Construction monitoring for tree preservation is ongoing.

Trust for Public Land Pocket Park Projects, Los Angeles County (2012-present):
Hired to train maintenance crews to prune trees and native shrubs in a pocket park in Maywood. Additional projects were added and now scope of work includes review of landscape, irrigation and grading plans for 4 new pocket parks, landscape plant stock inspection and tree preservation construction monitoring.

Silver Lake Reservoir Tree Impact Assessment and Preservation Plan. LADWP (2011-present):
Arborist services to evaluate plans for proposed improvements and upgrades to supply lines at the reservoir. Reviewed nesting bird survey and provided arboricultural information to be inserted in the biological report for the project. Reviewed current landscape and tree preservation specifications and provided recommendations for new language. Attended community meetings as requested.

On-call Arborist Services, City of La Cañada Flintridge (August 2010-present):
Arborist services to provide plan review, tree risk assessment, construction monitoring and other services as requested for Planning and Public Works. Projects included Woodleigh Reconstruction Project, Mayor’s Discovery Park, Memorial Park Slope Reconstruction, Jessen Bridge Reconstruction, Lasheart Sidewalk Feasibility Study and on-call tree assessment and tree-related code enforcement projects.

Los Angeles County Oak Woodland Habitat Conservation Strategic Alliance, with SWCA Environmental Consultants (2008-present):
Provided list of oak dependent species for Oak Woodland Habitat Conservation Guidelines. Worked collectively with alliance of arborists, foresters and community leaders to develop recommendations revising the Los Angeles County General Plan to comply with the State Oak Woodland Preservation Act.

Arborist Services, De La Flor and Associates, Inc., Orange, California (2013):
Arborist services for independent review of arborist report from plaintiff’s arborist and evaluation of permit documents for a tree failure from the 2010 windstorm. Provided arborist opinion that was used to settle case out of court favorable to the client.

Woolsey Canyon, City of Sherman Oaks (2012):
Arborist services to provide a physical survey of tree characteristics, determine health and assess construction impacts for an oak tree preservation report for a 60-acre site (300 trees) in a wooded canyon in the Sherman Oaks area. Oak tree report was approved along with the Biological Report in October 2013. (Partnered with Converse Consultants and Gonzales Biological Consulting).

Space Shuttle Endeavor Tree Impact Survey, with SWCA Environmental Consultants (2011-2012):
Surveyed trees for size and health within the shuttle route from LAX to the California Science Center. Provided reccommendations regarding trees that would require pruning, relocation or removal.

Edison Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project, with Forde Biological Consultants Inc (2010- 2012):
Surveyed in the Angeles National Forest and San Gabriel Foothills for protected trees. Approved biological construction monitor for the project. Monitoring road crews, steel crews, weed abatement crews, vegetation removal crews and tower assembly and demolition crews bringing new 500KV power line from Tehachapi to Los Angeles via the Angeles National Forest.

Santa Monica Urban Forest Master Plan, with SWCA Environmental Consultants (2009-2012):
Worked with a landscape architect (Artecho) to develop a 50-year long-range master plan for street and park trees for the City of Santa Monica. Effort included research, tree succession planning, specifications for tree preservation and replacement policies.

Arborist and Horticultural Specialist, Stone Canyon Water Quality Improvement Project, Los Angeles, California, with SWCA Environmental Consultants (2003-2011):
Provided arboricultural, landscape and horticultural services in support of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s (LADWP’s) Stone Canyon Water Quality Improvement Project. Developed habitat restoration plan for manufactured slopes created from tunnel spoils on the property. Created specifications for planting and irrigation. Monitored construction and invasive weed removal by the landscape contractor.

Otay Mountain Tecate Cypress Study, with SWCA Environmental Consultants (2007-2008):
Worked with Paul Zedler Phd., Biologist and Fire Ecologist and Michael Kline., specialist for Thorne’s Hairstreak Butterfly to study the effects of fire on a population of Tecate Cypress on Otay Mountain, San Diego County, for the Bureau of Land Management. The study included an extensive bibliography of known research on the cypress and contained fire and population management strategies based on our research and field studies.